Organic Isn't Weird

Misconceptions About Organic Foods
I often get amused by the reaction by some of my friends, family, acquaintances when they find out that my family eats primarily organic foods.  Many give me this look like I just came from outer space.  I think people's reaction comes from not really understanding what organic is.  And I get that.  I used to be that way.  And I think their misconception is also partly my fault.

Case in point.  I remember asking the director of my daughter's day care if I could provide my daughter's own organic lunch as opposed to what was provided by the center.  I remember her saying that she might agree to some of the organic items, but definitely not organic milk--she couldn't possibly allow raw milk at the center.  Anyone that knows what organic milk is, knows it is not raw milk.  I don't mean to knock this director, but I just believe people have misconceptions about what is organic.

What is Organic?
Organic isn't some hippie concept.  Organic is simple.  They are just foods (or sometimes beauty products, clothes) with ingredients that are grown without the use of chemicals and without being genetically modified. An organic apple is just an apple that was grown without the use of pesticides. 

Because people don't see the chemicals in their food, I don't think they think much about it.  I sure didn't before I had my first kid.  Becoming a mom, made me more concerned about what my family consumes.  And after finding out that much of what we eat has been genetically modified or contains chemical residues, I just couldn't bring myself to letting me kids eat that way.

No one in their right mind would grab an apple, spray it with Raid, and then feed it to their kids.  I am exaggerating a little bit here, but eating non-organic foods is about the same, except they have lower levels of chemicals. But why eat that way, when you can have one that is chemical free?

Did I Turn You Away from Organic?
For me, it is worth the extra expense.  And the food tastes better too.  Eat an organic apple and then eat a regular apple--you will taste the difference and it is better for you. I know some of my family and friends don't believe me because they have tasted my cooking.  But if you that don't like my cooking, it is not because the food is organic, it is because I hardly use salt, I don't do fried, I use whole grains, and I like to add "exotic" ingredients to my recipes. But you can have a lasagna made of almost entirely organic ingredients that tastes just as good or better than what you can get at Maggianos--I just don't do lasagna.  You can have a completely "unhealthy" and fattening meal that is all organic, but I just don't do fattening.  So that blandness you sometimes taste in my food is the way I cook--it isn't because it is organic.

The moral here: give organic a chance and don't let your experience with my food keep you away from giving it a try.

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