Answering the Call

I have written an article previously about teaching children from an early age how to give.  Giving is such a big part of what I believe is instrumental in keeping a happy home.  For me, kids that know how to give, are happier and more satisfied children.  That is why, on a regular basis, I will be highlighting what I believe to be some worthwhile causes. And a lot of them will be about my parent's ministry because I am deeply inspired by what they do in Laredo, TX.  I support what they do so much because they focus not on giving a man a fish, but teaching them how to fish. From teaching women to run their own businesses (i.e. making and selling bread at local farmers markets, sewing crafts) to teaching families how to grow their own food to helping people overcome abuse, alcohol, drugs, etc (Read my dad's story). This is all done through a Christian perspective.

My parents church operates like a megachurch, but in reality, they are a very small church with maybe a couple hundred active members.  My mother is constantly overwhelmed trying to run and organize all their programs.  The woman is unstoppable. They need help and there is one family that has answered that call, the Adams family.  Devonne and Lakeesha Adams have made the decision to move their family to Laredo, TX to become full-time missionaries and help with my parent's ministry.  Please look at their Website and if you cannot financially support, prayer is most welcome!

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