Camelbacks and mud runs

Low profile on the right.

Here are just a couple notes on running mud runs with a Camelback.  I have done two mud runs, both were Spartan Races.  The first was in Virginia about 3 miles and the second one was in Pennsylvania which was about 4.5 miles (although it certainly felt longer).  For the Virginia race, the water that was provided during the race was more than enough. I didn't need the Camelback and I didn't use one.

The second race in PA both my husband and I carried a Camelback.  A lot of runners didn't take one and they were struggling.  If you are in tip top shape and know how to hydrate yourself days before the race, I am sure you will be fine. But if you are average like me, I would highly recommend it. My husband and I actually had to share our water with some of our teammates because they didn't bring any.

I carried a low profile Camelback which I think it is perfect.  It is not too bulky or heavy and you can carry enough water to take you through the race.  My husband had a larger Camelback which was much larger and heavier.  I am glad he brought it because we were the adults running the race with a youth group and had to have extra water for our students just in case.  However, if he was running it for time, it might have gotten in the way.

What he did have that was great was the Bite Valve Cover.  You can get one at REI or Amazon for a few bucks.  It helped keep the mud out of his mouthpiece which is necessary in a mud run because mud gets everywhere!  I unfortunately didn't have that nice little piece of equipment, so I got some nice dirt with my water. Yummy.

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