Good Nutrition Can be Anti-Aging

I religiously wash my face every morning and evening in addition to applying my daily and nightly creams.  I learned that from my grandmother who looks awesome for her age. However, another key ingredient to keeping your skin looking young is a good nutritious diet made up of a lot of fruits and vegetables. Also a recent episode of "The Doctors" mentioned how organic foods are better for anti-aging than non-organic foods.  Apparently the preservatives in non-organic foods contribute to aging skin.  I am still trying to find the science and studies behind that statement and will post more information once I do.  

Some of the foods with anti aging properties include avocado, beans, sweet potatoes, berries, salmon, leafy vegetables like kale or spinach (CSA anyone?),  nuts, watery fruits like watermelon, coconut oil, and my absolute favorite, dark chocolate! 


On the other hand trans fatty acids and sugars have the opposite effect. Stay away from the junk food, it has little to no health benefits, and they will only help speed up the aging process. 

Good nutrition is fundamental for having healthy kids and a healthy family, but the anti-aging aspects of it contribute to a happy mom!

Here are a few articles to read with more in depth information:  The Anti-Aging Diet and 10 Anti-Aging Foods

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