Items You do NOT Need to Buy for Baby

Here are a few things that you really don't need to buy for your baby. You can definitely buy them if you want, but if you are trying to be a little frugal or limit the number of things you will have to get rid of later, this list might be helpful.

1.  Wipe Warmer.  We used it for a our first daughter, but the wipe gets cold pretty quickly out of the box. We don't use it for Lia and she doesn't seem to mind.

2.  "Cute" Little Outfits.  A lot of these outfits are difficult to put on your infant and all you will get is a screaming baby.  Focus instead on soft, stretchable materials that will be easy to get on and off and onesies--you can never have too many onesies.  You will thank me when you are dealing with explosive poops! Also, dresses are impractical for little baby girls when they are starting to crawl.  They only get in the way.

3.  No-scratch mittens.  When they are too young to know what to do with their hands, it is best to swaddle them.  When they start discovering their hands, they need that mouth to hand contact, the mitten will only get in the way.  The darn things fall off anyway.  Instead just try to keep baby's nails trimmed or filed.

4.  Baby Shoes.  Until they start walking, they don't really need them. It is only one extra thing to take off when you are trying to change diapers (which is several times a day).  I prefer the socks that look like shoes. 

5.  Crib Bedding Sets.  The sets usually cost upward of $150.00 and half of it you do not need. The comforter cannot be put in the crib with the baby for safety reasons and most experts recommend against the bumper.  Instead you can buy a breathable bumper that will protect the hands and arms from getting stuck, but safe if baby's face ends up right up against it. I don't use a diaper stacker either.  I just stack the diapers in  a drawer.  It is more practical.  Instead of the valances, I opted to buy regular curtains that matched Lia's room. From a design perspective, it sometimes is best if not everything matches.


6. Changing Table.  I will caveat this a little.  It is nice to have a dedicated place to change the baby.  However, I think it is more practical to buy a dresser where the top can be used as the changing table.  We actually just ended up using the dresser we had in the Guest Room which happens to be the perfect height for a changing station.

7. Daddy Diaper Bag.  Instead, you can opt to buy a gender neutral diaper bag.  Mine is a Columbia one that Julio doesn't mind carrying.

8. Sleep Sack Swaddler.  I bought one of these and it never worked as well as a regular blanket.  All you need is a receiving blanket and good technique to swaddle your baby.

9.  Video Monitor. I can see the allure of this, but if you are on a tight budget the regular baby monitors are more than enough.  When you are sleeping at night you will not be able to see the baby anyway, it is the sound that wakes you up.  During the day, I much rather go check on her and feel if she is warm, cold, wet, or soiled, things the monitors can't really tell you.

10.  The Large Travel Systems.  We actually opted against the infant car seat and just use a convertible car seat that accommodates infants. There are disadvantages to doing this, but I prefer it because I do not like carrying the really heavy infant car seats.  I rather take my baby out and put her in my carrier.  However, most people like the practicality of the infant car seat, especially when the baby is asleep. If you take this route, I believe it is better to get the Snap and Go instead of a travel system and then buy a lightweight stroller.  The large strollers are very heavy when you are trying to get them in and out of the car.  I love my Mamas and Papas umbrella stroller.  I can collapse it and put away one handed.

There are probably a couple more.  I would be interested in seeing what other Moms felt was a waste of money.  If you have a suggestion comment below.

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