Kids Activity: Decorative Vases

This particular activity is fun for adults and kids and it is pretty easy.  My oldest daughter  and I did this during our art class that we do once a week. 

For Adults:
Do you need to accessories for your living room or dining room but you don’t exactly want to shell out money to buy them?  This allows you to create accent pieces for any room in the house in a cheap and easy way.  The instructions below are for vases, but you can use the same technique for other items such as boxes to make jewelry or keepsake boxes.

For Kids:   
My Daughter's Creation
Kids get to use their creative minds and learn about patterns and colors.  This is a great activity if you want to teach your child about how mixing colors will create new colors.  For example, if you put the red tissue paper over the blue paper, the colors will combine to create purple. Or you can let them go crazy and just do their own thing which is what I did this particular time with my daughter.

Newspaper to protect work area
Mod Podge or Elmer’s Glue
Glitter (color of your choice) Optional
Plastic cup (or old yogurt tubs work great)
Different colors of tissue paper
Brush to paint on the glue
Glass vase or old jars (used salad dressing bottles work well too)

1)  Spread out newspaper to protect the work area
2)  Cut or tear the color tissue paper you will use into small pieces.  You can use long pieces if you wish to create stripped patterns, but any shape will work.   
My Creation
3)  Pour about a tablespoon of either the Mod Podge or Elmers glue into the plastic cup.  Dilute the glue a little bit with about 1/2 tsp of water and then add the glitter if you plan to use it.  This may take a little trial and error but you do not want the glue too watery where the paper won’t stick nor too thick where you are leaving white streaks behind.  You can add as much or as little glitter as you want depending on the effect that you want.  4)  Paint some of the glue mixture on the vase and glue the paper on.  Each piece of paper should be completely saturated with the glue. Therefore after you glue on the piece of paper brush the glue mixture on top of that.  Repeat to get the patterns that you want.
5)  Finally, when you have covered the whole vase do a final coat with the glue to seal it. 

Tips and tricks
If you want more of a stained glass look, use only one or two layers of tissue paper. If you want stronger colors feel free to put as many layers of tissue papers as you wish.

What my daughter and I did

For the blue vase: I used strips of paper.  The final product has about 3-4 layers of 2 different shades of blue tissue paper.
For my daughters’s red and white vase:  She picked white tissue paper that had poke a dots cut into little squares.

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