My Favorite Baby Products

When you have a baby, there is a lot of gear that comes with the bundle of joy.  However, there are a few items that for me are top notch and absolute favorites.  Here they are!

1.  Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station:  As far as activity centers go, this one rocks.  My now five-year-old loved it when she was a baby and it looks like my five-month-old loves it too.  I like it because it allows them to be mobile  in a safe way (unlike the walkers).  They can turn themselves around, strengthen their legs by pushing, and eventually walk around the activity center.

She loves her play center at 5 months old.

2.  The Boppy:  This is one of my favorites because it has so many uses.  I used it for nursing, but it is great to prop baby up a little bit or for them to do some tummy time.  If I am relaxing in bed, I just prop her up on the poppy, give her some toys, and she is happy.

Or good for hanging out with big sister.

3.  Eco Stain Remover: You definitely need a stain remover when you have a baby and this one works great.  In addition, it has a built-in brush applicator and it is also eco-friendly :o).

4. Itzbeen Timer:  When I registered at Baby's R Us, I listed this one as a "want" item and not necessarily as a "need."  I finally got it as a present after the baby was born and I loved it.  With everything that is going on,  I tend to forget a lot of things.  This little gadget just kept me on track.  If I was out and about, it would help me figure out a good time to start heading home before the baby started wailing because she was hungry.  Yes, I could have done the math in my head, but it was just a nice little tool that I kept on the diaper bag.


5. The Moby Wrap:  I've had the Moby Wrap, the BABYBJÖRN, and the Ergobaby carrier.  I love my Ergo carrier for its own reasons, but the Moby Wrap has so much versatility.  My least favorite was the BABYBJÖRN.  The Moby Wrap is soft cotton and it wraps itself around the baby.  When both my girls were just weeks old, I could wrap them up tight and do house chores in it.  As each got older, I could adjust it so they would have more mobility.  The material is light so it works well on hot days versus the BABYBJÖRN which felt like the baby would roast under the thick material. 

Lia and me out for a walk on a hot day. 


6.  Sleep Sacks: You cannot put blankets in the crib for the baby's safety.  I saw first hand how quickly babies can get themselves in trouble with a blanket.  My baby was sleeping on my bed while I was sitting next to her watching TV.  She woke up and in an instant she dragged the blanket over her face.  When she is unsupervised, we always use a sleep sack and they are great.

My baby in her sleep sack.

7. Burley D'Lite with the Jogging Kit:  I love running and my husband loves biking.  Instead of buying a trailer and a jogging stroller we opted for the Burley D-lite and purchased the jogging kit.  It can get a little cumbersome sometimes putting the jogging attachment, but for me it has been worth it.  The trailer comes with bug screen so baby is nice and comfortable without the bugs and a plastic cover in case it is a chilly, windy day.  I also feel that it turns smoothly and it handles bumps fairly well.   I used it with my five-year old until just this past year and I use it now with my infant.  Technically, the child should be able to sit up on her own before putting her in the Burley D-light, but I just put my five-month old in a car seat and place the car seat in the trailer with pillows on either side.  This arrangement works great for running, but I wouldn't recommend it for biking for safety reasons.

8. Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail:  For my oldest we actually used the Diaper Genie, but I like this one better.  This pail seems to fit more diapers and I feel as though I buy less of the refill bags.  I also like the handles on the bags which makes it easier to take out and dump in the trash.

9. Bath sling:  This piece originally came with the tub we had purchased for my now five-year-old.  I got rid of the tub, but the insert itself has been priceless.  We travel a lot and this has been something small that I can put in any bathtub to help make bath time easier.  The closest thing I have found to this currently on the market is the Summer Infant Bath Sling.

Our bath sling.

I have a few more that I may add, but these are my favorites for the moment.  I would be interested in hearing what other moms love!

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