What to Expect from a CSA

This shows most of this week's "individual" share.
Once again, I am very thankful that we made the decision to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  I was not sure what to expect at the beginning, but now that we are well into it, we are definitely getting more than our money's worth.  It has been a wonderful way to get a large variety of organic fruits and vegetables at a relatively cheap price. The benefits have been overwhelming.

Variety:  We receive vegetables in our share that would cost me an arm and a leg to buy organic and/or that are not available at my groceries stores, not even my beloved Wegmans.  For those that may be wondering on how much to expect from your CSA, here is a list of what we received in this week's share (note we subscribe to the individual share, the family share is a lot more than this):  two slicing tomatoes, a pint of heirloom tomatoes, two eggplants, three summer squash, one bunch of regular basil, one bunch of lemon basil, one bunch of purple basil, one huge watermelon, one bunch chard, one bunch mint, five potatoes, one head of garlic, three onions, two quarts green beans, two quarts okra, one sweet pepper, and a lot of jalapenos.


Budget: Not only are the vegetables/ fruits themselves cheaper, but it has helped me keep the rest of my grocery bill down.  Since we get such an abundance, it has forced us to plan our meals around these veggies.  That means we eat less meat and some of our other staples, helping me spend less in those other areas as well.

Our extra-large Watermelon from the CSA
Health: As a family we are definitely eating more fruits and vegetables and a greater variety than we did before.  I can only imagine the wonders that this is doing for our health.

To read more about the positives and negatives of a CSA go to my blog: Should You Join a CSA?

We belong to Honey Brook Organic Farm's CSA in Chesterfield, NJ.  They have drop off points in the northern Philly area as well.  If you are interested in finding a CSA in your area go to Local Harvest.

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