Inspired by my Mom

My Mom with My Dad
As a mom, you want to look at women who will inspire you.  I do not have to look very far because for me that woman is my mom.

Our Torn Relationship
It was not always that way.  When I was a teenager, I remember how non-existent my relationship was with my mother.  I was hurting, depressed and when I spoke with her, I felt that she did not understand me.  I had suffered abuse as a child and for years I blamed her for it, for not protecting me.  Even as an adult, I would feel hurt all over again and those old wounds would come back to haunt me and create a barrier between this wonderful woman and myself.   There was just so much baggage between us that I just couldn't have that daughter-mother relationship so many other women had.

My Change
And then one day, a good friend of mine told me I needed to ask for my mother's forgiveness. What? Was she kidding me? For what? She was the one that had hurt me, ignored me.  And my friend said that God had told her, for my arrogance.  For thinking that somehow I was better than her, more knowledgeable than her, more Christian-like than her.  Wow!  That hit me like a ton of bricks.  Thankfully, I listened and obeyed.  I asked her (and my dad) for their forgiveness.  And the walls came tumbling down. And all of a sudden I could see what an incredible woman she was.

Her Change
Lucy DeLeon is a woman that rose above a lot of pain, hurt, and abuse.  She was born into a wealthy family in Guatemala, but was neglected and unloved by those whose attention she sought the most.  She was first married at 14 because of an unplanned pregnancy, suffered through divorce, had a child kidnapped, had my brother and I taken away from her, and the list goes on.  And then one day she did what I had done many years later,  forgave those that had hurt her the most and put God first and her life changed forever.

Who She is Today
Today, she helps my Dad run a successful Christian ministry in Laredo, TX.  She has helped countless women get through their own pain and abuse.  She has helped poor families get into homes of their own (Bubble Home Project).  She developed a program to teach woman to run their own businesses by baking and sewing.  She is recently working on helping poor families in Laredo learn how to grow their own crops.  Her work is selfless, and she is bold and unafraid.   Most important of all for me is that she is a great mom.  She makes the best green pea soup and sweet potato waffles.  She has incredible advice to give and my husband and I seek her wisdom in many areas of our lives.  And I am glad that now I can truly appreciate her for who she is. 

Happy Birthday Mom!  I love you!  And thank you for all that you have done for me and for others.

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