Taking Things for Granted: Water

You really do not know how much water you use until you do not have it available anymore.  Here in the US, I think we take this very valuable resource for granted.  I did spend part of my childhood in a country where we would lose our access to water periodically, but even I take water for granted.  Well, I did until yesterday.

In the part of the US where we live, there is no public water so we have a well.  That means that we had to install a water purification system to make sure our water is nice and clean.  Yesterday when we were replacing the UV light, we accidentally broke a component.  Because we do not have a bypass system, without that component, water will spill everywhere so we had to shut the main valve off.  What did that mean? We were left without water!! No water for using the restroom, for showers, for washing dishes, for washing hands!!!


The part was sent overnight and in the end we spent less than 24 hours without water.  However, it did remind me not to take even the small things for granted.  It also reminded me of the importance of keeping emergency water on hand.  Thankfully, hubby and I always keep an emergency kit and extra gallons of drinking water just in case.  At the very least, I did have drinking water for my girls.  Yes, I could have just driven to the corner store and gotten some water, but it did take one thing off my to-do-list on a very complicated day.

Lesson learned:  Install a bypass system and always keep extra drinking water handy!  It also reminded me of the importance of keeping an emergency kit.  You never know when you will be in an emergency situation!

As a side note, if you ever need to install a water purification system (even if you have public water),  the Pura systems are great.  Better yet, their customer service is really good.  They have whole house carbon block filters (great for blocking chemicals like lead and arsenic), sediment filters, and UV lamps (for killing things like e-coli).   They answer right away, you speak with someone instead of a computer, and they are ready and willing to answer all your questions and walk you through the installation if needed.  Their website is www.purauv.com.

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