The Healing Power of Chicken Soup

Looking Much Better!
As my little monkey is recovering from a bad cold, I am reminded of the healing qualities of chicken soup.  Whenever someone in my family is sick, I make chicken soup before I think about taking out the NyQuil. Yes, it is a lot more time consuming, but in the end I think it is much better for them.

I think sometimes we are quick to take out the medicines because we hate to see them so miserable.  However, medicines typically just treat the symptoms instead of the cause.  Not a bad thing if it makes them feel a little bit better, but sometimes we are just prolonging their misery.  A fever is a symptom that tells us that their little bodies are fighting off whatever they have.  If we give them Tylenol to reduce the fever,  we are prolonging their recovery.  That is why I aim to give my kids things that will help their bodies fight the illness better through immune boosting foods like chicken soup. 

For a long time, it was considered a old wives tale, but since then there have been studies that help add credibility to the idea that chicken soup can help you feel better faster.  Chicken soup is a great way to naturally give your family a boost of vitamins and nutrients because of the wide range of vegetables in the soup.  The also helps you stay hydrated by adding liquids and the steam is great in helping clear up stuffy noses.

In my chicken soup I like to put lots of garlic, onions, and/or leeks.  I also include celery, carrots, cilantro, cabbage, peppers and just about any other vegetable I may have on hand.  I make it different every time.  Upon serving the soup, I also like to add some fresh pieces of avocado and a splash of lime juice.

The Results This Time Around:  My almost six-year-old spent two days in bed.  She had a fever, stomach ache, a cough, and difficulty breathing (from her asthma).  My remedy: no meds other than one puff from the inhaler (usually throughout a cold she needs several puffs but we are managing her asthma through chiropractic care), but lots of chicken soup and hot tea with honey.  The first day was the worst, the second day was so-so, but today she looks great!

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