Is Your House Making You Sick?

On day three of a house full of sick babies (husband included), I just got this overwhelming feeling that I needed to "air out" the house.  To everyone's chagrin, I opened all the windows and turned on the fans.  Did I mention that it was 30 degrees outside?

My sister-in-law (who is a health nut like me) had mentioned awhile back that sometimes when you make a house airtight, the indoor air quality greatly diminishes. Sure enough after doing some research I came to find out that stale air can contribute to sickness.  My husband and I have worked so hard for the last two years to make our house airtight to save on utility bills that it has left the fresh air outside and the air quality indoors has gotten progressively worse.  This is not a problem for us in the spring, summer, or fall when we open the windows frequently.  But in the cold PA winter, the idea of opening the windows seems prohibitive.  And yet, I did.


We wasted some electricity since the heat was running, but it really felt so good to get outside air circulating inside the house.  I am not sure how much that contributed to us getting better (we all had the flu).   Prayer and my immune boosting shakes must have also played a role.  However, in my research, I did learn that stale air can make you sick.  They even have a name for it, "sick building syndrome."  The bottom line is that our bodies take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide and other toxins. A house is full of toxins from chemicals in carpets, furniture, cleaning supplies to name a few.  If we never let fresh air in our house, the air quality gets progressively worse and we are breathing in more and more toxic air without getting an adequate supply of much needed oxygen.

Bottom line: Even if it is cold outside, every once in awhile open up those windows and breathe fresh air for your family's health!

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