A Heart to Love

Every once in awhile our kids will say something that encourages us as mothers.  They remind us that we may just be doing something right.  That despite all of our faults, and all the times we lose patience (and I have many), they are going to turn out okay.  For me, that day was yesterday.  My six-year-old angel tells me out of the blue,

"Mommy, I want to be a vet but I also want to be a nurse.  I want to travel all around the world and help people that are suffering."

Wow!  What more can I want?  What more can I ask for?

Ever since I was 13, I was driven.  I wanted to succeed, to have a career, to be self-sufficient.  I did not want to depend on a man to buy me the things that I wanted or needed.  (Independent Women by Destiny's Child, anyone?)  And I achieved those things.  I had a career, a great career.  I travelled around the world, met some amazing people, and did some amazing things.  And then one day, I gave it all up out of love for my family.  I just walked away.  I let God become my sufficiency and my life since then, as imperfect as it sometimes is, has been just as fulfilling and just as amazing, if not more.

So as I look at my daughter, I will encourage her to be anything she wants to be.  A vet, a nurse, an actress, an artist.  I want her to follow her dreams and I will help her in any way that I can, but what she actually chooses is irrelevant to me.  How much money she makes is irrelevant to me.  All I want from her is to know that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, to do the best that she can, and to love.  To love God, to love others.  There is nothing more fulfilling than to give your heart to people and see their lives change because you cared.  God truly takes care of the rest.

My sweet daughter be what you want to be.  As long as you have God in your heart, and love others as you love yourself, your life will be amazing!

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