Easter/Spring Craft: Ribbon Wreath

Looking for a quick and easy Easter/spring craft?  I got the inspiration from Pinterest. What I loved about this idea is that it is practically mess free.  You can get as elegant or simple as you'd like.   I made this one out of scraps of ribbon for my six-year-old.  I used ribbons of various widths, colors, and textures.  However, if you want a more uniform look, then I would choose ribbons of similar texture, sizes, and color.

Ribbon of choice, 
Wood, metal, or cardboard ring

DIRECTIONS: Tie ribbon bows around the ring in the pattern of your choice. 

A quick note about the ring.   I had a metal ring lying around the house, but you can make one out of a wire hanger or you can cut out a circle from a piece of cardboard.  No need to go buy one. 

Original Pinterest Inspiration

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