Thankful for Laundry? Yes, Actually, I am.

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I have been doing more laundry than usual and I really do not enjoy it.  Okay, so in reality, my husband does most of our laundry.  Yeah, I am pretty lucky, right? When we were newly married, I would wash and fold both of our clothes, but then he would come home and unfold and refold all of his clothes to fit his military style measurements.  It was driving me crazy so guess who took over the laundry duties?  However, lately he has been working longer hours than usual and to give him a break, I've been helping him when I can.  But I really do not like doing  laundry.  It is one of my last favorite chores.

But then today (as if God was reminding me of just how good I actually have it) I remembered when I used to do laundry as a kid.  I was about 8 years old and my brother was 11. We were both responsible for washing our own clothes.  No, we didn't have to take our basket of dirty clothes down the stairs to the laundry room.  We didn't have a laundry room.  No, we didn't carry our clothes to the washer and dryer.  We didn't have a washer and dryer.  No.  We would put our clothes in a cart and haul it to the laundromat that was several blocks away.  We would sit there for several hours until it was done and then haul it back home.  Sometimes our mom would come with us, but many times we had to go by ourselves.  Yes, we had to cross that large busy street otherwise known as Western Avenue and I believe the laundromat might have been where that tax service is now.

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So as I sit here and stare at the pile of laundry that I have to fold, I will do it with a smile on my face.  At least, I don't have to put on my boots and coat and brave the Chicago winter.  At least, I do not have to be in a room full of strangers quietly waiting for the buzzer to go off telling me it was time to switch my load.  There were no such things as iPhones, iPods, or iPads back then.  It was just my brother and I keeping each other company wishing we were back home.  No.  Today, I sit in the comfort of my own home, next to the fireplace, with the TV on.  Yes, I will quietly fold the laundry and just be thankful.

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