Understanding Autism

This month is Autism Awareness Month.  I do not have a child with autism, but it is hard not to see how autism is becoming more prevalent and affecting us all.  I am sure that all of us know someone who has a child with autism.  I have seen a couple of different statistics on the issue, but the Autism Society website says that autism prevalence is at about 1 in 88 births, and it is higher in boys, 1 in 54.  Even more alarming is how this is the fastest growing developmental disability with a growth rate of 1,148%!

Because it is becoming so prevalent, that means that we will see more and more adults with autism.  What may be "strange" behavior to us, may just be an adult with autism trying to express themselves in the only ways they know how.  My friend's son, who is now 22 has autism.  He recently got kicked out of the library for "disruptive" behavior.  And yet, going to the library was one of his favorite activities.  We need to adjust our way of living to identify, accept, and make room for people with autism in our every day life.  My friend has made a suggestion to the library that they dedicate a room for individuals with disabilities where they do not have to be as "quiet" as every one else so that her son on others like him can enjoy the library like the rest of us.  I think that is a great idea.  Please support her cause and like her original post on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WRLibrary/posts/10151528694008537.

I also want to recommend a book that really opened my eyes.  It is called Daniel Isn't Talking by Marti Leimbach.  You can order it from amazon by clicking on the title.  The author does an amazing job at putting you in the shoes of a mother with a son with autism while keeping you laughing. After reading the book, I knew I would be more understanding if I saw a kid screaming at the grocery store.

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