Great Book for Baby!

My oldest child loves reading to her sister.
The times where I am just the happiest is when I see my two daughters play together.  They are five years apart, but sometimes they just click.  That is not to say that they do not fight.  Yes, these two fight and surprisingly the 15-month-old, who only has three words in her vocabulary, can hold her own.  But today, they had a moment while reading together that just made me crack up.

It turns out my baby's favorite book is Where's Spot? by Eric Hill.  Obvious from the title, Spot's mom is looking for Spot, her puppy.  Everywhere she looks, there is a flap you can open, and some other animal is there and says "no."  Mom continues to look for Spot until finally she finds him in a basket.  Well my six-year-old was reading the book to her sister and every time the baby would open the flap, her sister would yell, "NO!"  And that would just send the baby into hysterics and consequently send my eldest and me into hysterics as well.

It is never too early to introduce books to kids.  We started reading to both of my girls the very day they came home from the hospital.  As young as my little one is, she already has an appreciation for them and has her clear favorites.  She will crawl into the "reading chair," sit down, and pretend to read.  My eldest was the same way at that age.  Now she loves non-fiction books just as much as she loves fiction ones.

My little one likes to get into this chair at the library and peruse through some books. 

There are numerous great books for babies and toddlers.  I definitely recommend Where's Spot?, but I also recommend touch and feel books like Disney It's A Small World: Furry Friends (Touch-and-feel Book, A) as well as books that are repetitive such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? My First Reader by Eric Carle.  You cannot go wrong with any of these.  The important thing is to read to your kids.  And when you are done reading, read some more.

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