Who Knew? Cactus is a Power Food!

A few days I was offered a cactus tortilla.  Yes, you heard that right, cactus.  I have had flour tortillas, whole wheat flour tortillas, corn tortillas, tortillas infused with spinach, tomatoes, etc.  A cactus tortilla was completely new to me and I was not too sure that I was going to like it.  Well, they are now my favorite!

This is the type of cactus used to make the tortillas.

When I asked why cactus (also known as nopal),  I was told that it is very good for you.  Being interested in all things health,  I had to find out why.  As it turns out, nopal has been shown to lower blood sugar, help lower cholesterol, and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.  It is a high-fiber, low-calorie food containing Vitamin A and Vitamin C among some other nutrients. It sounds like a power food to me!

But you will not find cactus tortillas at your grocery store.  However, if you live in Laredo, TX, you are in luck.  The Joseph Store House run by New Vision Community Church sells them freshly made.  Many times you can get them while they are still hot!  All proceeds from the sales go to support their many missions.  If you are not in Laredo, do not despair.  You can find nopal products at specialty health stores or online.

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