My Un-Green Confession

My daughter harvesting green beans at our local farm.
Most of you that know me well, know that I am granola, as one of my good friends call me.  I care about the environment.  I reduce, I reuse, I recycle, and I compost.  I use a rain barrel to try to conserve water.  I eat primarily organic foods and I am the only "loser" on the block that pulls up the weeds one by one to avoid using any chemicals on my lawn.  We buy our produce locally.  Heck, we sometimes pick our own vegetables from a local organic farm and I make my kids take part.  I work hard to try to preserve this beautiful green world that God gave us and frankly, sometimes it is exhausting.

I have a confession.  I should be ashamed.  I use paper plates.  No, not once in a while, but regularly to avoid doing dishes.  I know, I know, it is awful.  Sometimes I feel real guilty about it.  Here I am sending unnecessary trash into the landfill.  I know other granolas understand where I am coming from or they are probably just wondering how I can live with myself.  I mitigate my habit by composting the plates that I can, but most end up in the trash.  I really do feel bad about it, but some days I am exhausted enough to not care and I make no apologies for it.  It is my one vice that keeps me sane while my husband is off doing his thing (protecting this great land of ours at the Marine Corps' beck and call).

To all the environmentalists, I am so sorry.  To God's green earth, I am so sorry.  To hubby, stop traveling so much so I can go back to being a regular ol' granola and stop feeling so guilty.

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