Easy Craft: Letters Designed with Yarn

These letters made out of yarn can be a great addition to a kid's room or as a decorative piece in your home. Thankfully, it is a very easy craft to put together.  I have painted letters before, but I like the look of yarn letters much better because of the added texture.  All you need is yarn, a glue stick, and either cardboard or wood letters.  If you want to embelish it, you can add things like little paper bows, buttons, or felt flowers.  BE CREATIVE.  I used multicolor yarn, but feel free to stick to one color if you would like.

Glue Stick
Cardboard or Wood Letters
Buttons, Paper Bows, Felt Flowers (Optional)
Glue Gun (Optional)

Directions:  Add glue to the part of the letter where you are starting (preferably one of the ends) and start wrapping the yarn around the letter.  As you advance, add glue to the letter a little bit at a time so it does not dry out and cover the entire surface of the letter.  That is about it. The best way to add the embellishments is with a glue gun.

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